Tenerife wines

are unique in the world,

… original flavour and the sacrifice needed to make them in steep hand-cultivated vineyards often in narrow, remote areas. These elements, coupled to a nutrient-rich volcanic soil, give characteristics that, from the sixteenth century onwards, were recognized in Europe. It may surprise you to know that especially the wine trade with the UK was extraordinary in that period. The most important thing is that the popularity of the island’s wines has continued until today.

Different types of soil and
climatic zones of Tenerife

north-south-coast-lower hills-mountain and cold-temperate climate mean that wines produced in one part of the island have nothing to do with those produced few kilometres away. And that is one of the specific traits of Tenerife wines – their great diversity.

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In Tenerife there are five
denominations of origin

 Tacoronte-Acentejo, Ycoden-Daute-Isora, Valle de la Orotava, Abona and Güímar Valley. Each produces both red and white wines with a strong personality such as Malvasía or Malmsey. You can try one and think that you’ve tried them all but you could not be more wrong.

So a good tip during your stay is to have lunch or dinner at local restaurants on the island and ask for wines from Tenerife. As well as being the perfect accompaniment to traditional dishes, local wines will make your experience even more delightful.