Outdoor activities

Tenerife boasts 43
protected nature areas

…which occupy half of the island.Outstanding landscapes to see, such as the Laurel Forests, a lush magical relic from the Tertiary Period, or El Acantilado de Los Gigantes (The Giant Cliffs), which can reach up to 600 metres in height, but above all, you have endless options for outdoor activities. For instance, hiking. It’s one of the best ways to explore Tenerife’s
amazing variety of natural beauty spots along hundreds of kilometres of signposted trails.

The list of outdoor activities

to choose includes many others

From riding through spectacular landscapes on your mountain bike(there are routes for all levels), to climbing the many rock walls
and mountains in the north, centre and south of Tenerife. The Island is also a leading European destination for paragliding thanks to the air quality and climate. We have over 100 sites that are ideal for this increasingly popular sport.

Tenerife no limits

We also suggest

 …you try canyoning, an activity attracting new participants on the Island every day and for which there are a great many suitable canyons (Tenerife is criss-crossed by hundreds of them); and caving, to explore underground caverns hidden beneath our feet.

Bird watching

…The Canary Islands and Tenerife are the first places you can see birds on their annual migration to Equatorial Africa.Go stargazing because the Island has some of the clearest and least polluted skies
in the world, are two more great options for enjoying the open air.If you prefer, the many horseback trails all around the Island offer another fun way to explore Tenerife.