Tenerife, the perfect mix


Life is about finding a good balance.
A balance between doing great in your job and having absolute fun in your spare time. Between knowing lots of people and spending time with yourself. Between getting dragged to the city hustle and wandering around the quietness of nature. Between being a newcomer and feeling very much at home.

In Tenerife, we have all the ingredients…
A very warm climate, a low cost of life, amazing housing, beautiful landscapes, a rich and open community and a wide variety of activities and opportunities to be explored. However, we’re still missing the secret ingredient: you.

Come to work and play in Tenerife,
and create your perfect mix.

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Orsi VitosLuca MossiniVlad Mozgovoi
I think my favourite part of Tenerife is the people here, and how they make you feel every single day. If you go to the supermarket, if you take the bus, you end up having real conversations, and that doesn’t really happen in a big city.
Orsi Vitos
My favourite thing about Tenerife is diversity. It’s so different, there are so many things in such a small place. It’s actually unique, and every time you think you’ve figured it out, there’s something that completely reshapes your perception about this place.
Luca Mossini
For me, there’s always something to do here, I’m never bored. In fact, I don’t have enough time to do what I want to do here. I love going up to Mount Teide, hiking the mountain trails, going to any of the beaches, or just going out with friends.
Vlad Mozgovoi

Make the good choice

Big decisions need to be well pondered. That’s why we want to solve all the doubts and concerns you may have before coming to Tenerife. With our Landing Package, a practical information brochure designed for remote workers, you can know more about the life on the island and the procedures to set up here.

From the paperwork you need to handle to the cool activities you sure can’t miss, the Landing Package will be the perfect tool to find the perfect mix of Work & Play!

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