Going out

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Local gastronomy

…is a further example of Tenerife’s authenticity and certainly the most delicious. Dishes made from local produce creating a marvelous fusion between traditional and avant-garde.“Papas arrugadas” (“wrinkled potatoes”) with red and green “mojos” (paprika and green coriander sauces),  ’gofio’(toasted corn meal), cheese, fish, honey…the islanders love of excellent food has led its local cuisine to be included in the prestigious club known as Saborea España (Tasting Spain), which encompasses the finest gastronomic destinations in Spain.

Red and white wines of five denominations of origin

Tenerife wines are unique in the world, original flavour and the sacrifice needed to make them in steep hand-cultivated vineyards often in narrow, remote areas. These elements, coupled to a nutrient-rich volcanic soil, give characteristics that, from the sixteenth century onwards, were recognized in Europe.

A good tip is to have lunch or dinner at local restaurants on the island and ask for wines from Tenerife. As well as being the perfect accompaniment to traditional dishes, local wines will make your experience even more delightful.

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You stop for a moment to think what you want to do today and the answer comes instantly: go shopping!
Out on the streets or in the convenience of a shopping centre, whether you are looking for the best bargains or the most exclusive items, searching for the perfect ingredients for a special meal or on a quest to find the right gift for somebody…
No matter what you are looking for, all you have to do is head out, clear your mind and spend some leisurely time browsing stalls and window displays.


When the sun goes down, Tenerife truly comes to life. Our excellent climate allows you to enjoy a drink at an open-air terrace bar any time of the year. Some have sea views, others are in parks, amid busy shopping streets, at marinas…

Classical music and jazz concerts or performances are just a few other options to make your stay on the Island even more memorable. The year-long schedule of festivals and events offers every imaginable style to suit all tastes. Plus, every day you have the chance to see original live shows at the many venues and night clubs in both the north and south of the Island.

For those who were born to party, every trend and ambience is on offer at pubs and clubs open every night of the week; or dance till dawn at a disco to the sound of rock, pop, house, techno or salsa.