Doing business 

Establishing your company 

Establishing a company in Tenerife is simple: there is a wide range of possibilities to meet the particular needs of the different types of investors wishing to operate on the island.

Among the existing alternatives, the most common ones are the establishment of new businesses, either through the constitution of a company or through the opening of a subsidiary, or through the development of the activity directed by the employer in the shape of the “limited liability entrepreneur”. It is also common the formation of a joint venture with established entrepreneurs, as well as other formulas that do not imply a physical presence, such as distribution, agency, commission or franchise agreements.


Tenerife has significant tax advantages within Spain and the European Union. Its differentiated economic and fiscal system, permanently included in the legal framework of the European Union, guarantees exceptional conditions for investment and trade.

Investment opportunities 

Investment in Tenerife is attractive not only because of its unique environment and dynamic economy but also because it is a destination that enables the creation and development of companies in various fields.

There are various grants and subsidies in different areas, such as financing lines, incentives for technological development, aid for industrialization.

Public support 

There are many public entities that offer facilities to develop your business in Tenerife, you will find Public Support from different organizations that are willing to help new remote workers that get into the Island, so they have developed main actions to improve and give facilities to new companies and workers that want to move to Tenerife.