Yuko and Lorenzo

Founders, Japan and Italy

They both work remotely managing their companies online. They have been living on a boat for the last five years while moving to different countries. They arrived in Tenerife one year ago and they are planning to stay for one more because they love it so much.


Strategic designer and CEO, Spain

Cristina studied in Madrid and in 2009 she joined the impact hub network, a global community of entrepreneurs focused on social innovation. ⁠As a strategic designer she helps companies to innovate and evolve.


UI/UX Designer, Hungary

Levante has been living in Tenerife for the last four years. He had claims from other countries, but finally moved to Tenerife because he loves outdoor activities like kayaking, hiking, diving and specially paragliding.



Videographer, Italy

Tommaso Ferrari is a 360º videographer and location and sound recordist. His favorite spots of Tenerife are the famous “charcos”, specially “Charco Azul”.


International Projects, Hungary

Orsi came to Tenerife for a six month internship in Digital Marketing and three and a half years later, she is still here, living in Puerto de La Cruz! She is working in International Projects in Coworking in the Sun to bring international students to do their practical training in Tenerife.


Coliving owner, The Netherlands

Anne has been traveling around the world in her 20’s and she decided to do something for the Nomad community, so she opened a Nine Coliving in Tenerife.

Lucilla, Filippo and Denise

Creative and visual marketers, Italy and Germany

All three love Tenerife so much that they have settled there for a long time and work remotely. They enjoy meeting people from all over the world, being part of an open-minded community and being inspired by the wonderful landscapes.


Entrepreneur and investment specialist, Italy

Luca is an italian hospitality entrepreneur and investment specialist. For him, the best thing about Tenerife is: Diversity. “When you think you have figure it out, something reshapes your perception of the Island!” .


Serial entrepreneur, Tenerife

He usually travels a lot and he has realized that Tenerife has a lot of advantages that are difficult to find anywhere else. For him, it’s not only cheaper and has a higher quality of life than other places but as an entrepreneur there are plenty of fiscal incentives to establish your business as well.

Vlad and Masha

Software engineer and photographer and graphic designer, Estonia

They first arrived in Tenerife with the intention of escaping a cold winter. They planned to stay for three months, and four years later, they are still here!


Entrepreneur and startup owner, Argentina

Lourdes is an entrepreneur from Argentina and she is running her startup from Tenerife. She says she has find the three key aspects to run a company here in Tenerife: Stable Economy, Good Cost Structure and Talent.

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